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Posted on:5 years ago Comments:0Views:206By:Fairy
The only real failure in life is the failure to try. One should never give up easily. Juz remember that failure is the first step to success and you never really lose until you quit trying. more
Wheel of Life.
Posted on:5 years ago Comments:0Views:218By:Fairy
Life is like a wheel...sometime's we're up and there will be time we're at below. So, if u r at the top of the world, don't forget your roots, your old sweet terrible days coz it will help you in the future. Most importantly, dont forget those who helped u when u in need. Believe me, God is always fair to everybody. more
My Eid Celebration.
Posted on:6 years ago Comments:0Views:540By:Fairy
It was 12 October, came back from work, I'm busy doing the last minute preparation for Eid. Well, I'm a working woman,..what do u expect. Unfortunately, until end of the day, I still unable to decorate my house. But its okay,...later that evening, after bought some cookies, we headed to my parent in law's house. I helped my mother in law to cook the tradition foods like ketupat, rendang, k... more
Posted on:6 years ago Comments:3Views:492By:Fairy
Me, my husband and my daughter sometimes go out to have dinner or lunch outside. I am the kind of person who don't like to waste. Before we leave the dining table (restaurant), i normally will ask the waiter or waitress to pack the unfinished foods (which was only eaten a bit) and bring it home (we call it TAPAU, means pack the foods, we bring it home). My daughter also familiar with my st... more
True Story of Mine.
Posted on:6 years ago Comments:1Views:458By:Fairy
This happened 5 years ago at my workplace. It was almost 4.15pm, everybody is getting ready to go home & I was the last person to enter the toilet. Suddenly, from the toilet I heard somebody pulled down the shutter. I hurriedly rushed to the door and ..."Oh My God!!. They locked me inside!!" I got panicked and I don't know what to do. I looked at the window but the ... more
Happy Eid To All!.
Posted on:6 years ago Comments:0Views:226By:Fairy
18th October (9.00am ) : I resume duty today. When I open my mail, I saw a few messages. I'm sorry I cant reply ur messages as i'm away. To all my friends out there, I would like to take this opportunity to say "Happy Eid and please accept my sincere apologise if i ever hurt your feelings, directly or indirectly. Hopefully t... more
Think about it.
Posted on:6 years ago Comments:0Views:267By:Fairy
In our life, when it comes to work one must be sincere of what he/she is doing especially at work. Responsibilities and duties must be carried out in a way you yourself and the employer must gain benefit from it. As an employee, we do our tasks professionally, evereyday we'll become experts and efficient. As employer, the business grow stronger because the full commitment and the dedication of ... more
pain & sickness.
Posted on:6 years ago Comments:1Views:196By:Fairy
Pain & sickness will never stopped, am I rite? But that's only a matter how we handle it. In fact, in our daily lives, we normally encounter all different types of pain & sickness, mentally or phsically. So, doesn't matter if its major or minor pain & sickness, all that important is we must be strong, stronger everyday. Mix with your friends, share jokes, definitely it wil... more
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