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Hong Kong Travel Insurance.
Posted on:2 years ago Comments:0Views:34By:junly01
Hong Kong Travel Insurance Travel Guard International and its affiliate companies provide integrated travel insurance, assistance and emergency travel services for millions of travelers and thousands of companies throughout the world. Worldwide Health   Worldwide Health is ideal for travelers ... more
The sun axa appeared abroad travel insurance.
Posted on:2 years ago Comments:0Views:29By:junly01
A few days ago, the sun launched the sunshine trip abroad travel insurance “axa sunshine, it is understood that the product is designed for outbound business, to travel and study personage tailor-made abroad travel insurance products. When people go abroad in overseas accidents or sudden illness, produces a large number of medical expenses and resc... more
Consumers purchase abroad travel insurance of the three major attention.
Posted on:2 years ago Comments:0Views:30By:junly01
Consumer choice for the overseas travel insurance should pay attention to what matters, insurance experts suggest best choice for health care and emergency rescue double safeguard insurance. First of all, in the choice of abroad travel insurance medical treatment insurance, don’t only choose cheap, different products s... more
HK MPFs fall 5.27% in August, biggest drop since October 2008.
Posted on:2 years ago Comments:0Views:18By:junly01
Hong Kong MPFs posted a loss of 5.27% in August with the decline mainly driven by a sharp fall of 8.81% in equity MPFs, according to Lipper. The loss also outweighed the marginal gain of 0.18% seen in July. Eric Wong, head of research at Lipper saidit was the biggest monthly drop since October 2008 when funds fell 12.1% in ... more
Note 6 big insured particulars, travel insurance is more secure.
Posted on:2 years ago Comments:0Views:18By:junly01
August 23,, a group in the Philippines, Hong Kong, the Hong Kong tourists been abducted a 9 dead six wounded. Safety is the primary factor tourists travel, currently on the market travel insurance categories include travel agency liability insurance, travel insurance, travel security plan, etc, boat idea, but how insurance is enoug... more
Guide to purchase mandatory provident fund in Hong Kong.
Posted on:2 years ago Comments:0Views:22By:junly01
In current time, retirement can be well thought-of as never ending nightmare if you are not possessing mandatory provident fund policy. MPF is a mode of personal savings that ensures that you get to get pleasure from successful life even after retirement. This type of fund policy was introduced by the Hong Kong government in late 1995 to suggest with greatest a... more
MPF Funds vs Ordinary Funds.
Posted on:2 years ago Comments:0Views:20By:junly01
With the official launch of the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) System in 2000, more employees are entitled to retirement protection. Both the SFC and the Mandatory Provident Fund Authority (MPFA) take part in regulating MPF products. As an investor, you should note the difference between MPF funds and ordinary funds, as the former stems from a more conservative philosophy. ... more
Know the primary information and facts related to hong kong travel insurance.
Posted on:2 years ago Comments:0Views:16By:junly01
Hong Kong is one of the best spots in the entire world. This is acknowledged for its funicular train named the Peak Tram, Victoria Harbor (where one can ride the famous Star Ferry), Madame Tussauds (for antique and quaint shop aficionados) and the Avenue of the Stars. Presently there are definitely a lot of points to carry out in the town. Traveling to Hong ... more
Black cabs top global poll.
Posted on:2 years ago Comments:0Views:16By:junly01
London's taxis have topped a travellers' poll as the best in the world - but also took the honours in the most-expensive category. The survey of nearly 5,000 travellers saw the London vehicle outstrip its iconic yellow-coloured rival from New York - which came in second place. The travellers from 23 countries gave the black cab top marks for its safety and its clean... more
American Express Home Insurance Plan.
Posted on:2 years ago Comments:0Views:24By:junly01
We are pleased to introduce to you the American Express Home Insurance  Plan. This plan brings you and your precious belongings comprehensive protection and ensures you a total peace of mind. Protection to Your Precious Belongings Up to HK$1,000,000* of Home Contents all risk protection and HK$30,000 Worldwid... more
Bank of East Asia : BEA Trustees Named "The Best MPF Scheme" by metroBox Magazine.
Posted on:2 years ago Comments:0Views:48By:junly01
BEA Trustees Named “The Best MPF Scheme” by metroBox MagazineHong Kong, 25th August, 2011 – Bank of East Asia (Trustees) Limited (“BEA Trustees”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Bank of East Asia (“BEA”), today announces that it has won the “Best MPF... more
Mandatory Provident Fund.
Posted on:2 years ago Comments:0Views:34By:junly01
The Mandatory Provident Fund (Chinese: 強制性公積金), often abbreviated as MPF (強積金), is a compulsory saving scheme (pension fund) for the retirement of residents in Hong Kong. Most of employees and their employers are required to contribute monthly to Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes provided by approved priva... more
Post-70s and 80s fear medical expenses, 60% plan to buy insurance.
Posted on:2 years ago Comments:0Views:17By:junly01
Hong Kong’s post-70s and post-80s generations say they are planning to buy insurance over the next 12 months because of concerns about their inability to pay for long-term medical expenses, according to the latest survey from Swiss Re. The survey found 73% of Hong Kong respondents are concerned about paying medical expenses relating to major illnesses such a... more
HK to enhance Mandatory Provident Fund system.
Posted on:2 years ago Comments:0Views:20By:junly01
HONG KONG -- The chief executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Donald Tsang said here on Thursday that the Hong Kong government is working with the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) Authority to review and enhance the MPF system. more
AIA joins bandwagon on MPF fee cuts.
Posted on:2 years ago Comments:0Views:19By:junly01
The third-largest provider of Mandatory Provident Fund schemes in Hong Kong has joined the bandwagon by cutting the management fees on some of its products. AIA Company (Trustee) Limited, a unit of AIA Group (1299), slashed fees on three of its funds - the first time it has reduced such charges. Several other top MPF providers cut... more
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