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Sun Sign:
16th April
Age and Location:
36, F, Ghaziabad
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5 years ago
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Name:Lara Dutta
Languages:English, Hindi
Personal Tags:Lara
My Movies:Partner, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom , Bhagam Bhag, Alag, Fanaa, Zinda , Kaal, No Entry , Jurm , Elaan, Insan, Aan, Arasatchi Lara Arjun , Bardaasht , Masti, Khakee , Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Dost, Andaaz

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  Message from me
I am a jack of all trade. Football and athletics happened to me and then acting entered. I was good at studies too. I know I can do well in anything if given a chance

   About Me

Lara was born  in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Her father is Wing Commander L.K. Dutta (retired) and  mother is Jennifer Dutta. She has two elder sisters.The Dutta family moved to Bangalore in 1981 where she completed high school from Frank Anthony Public School. Lara graduated in economics with a minor in communications from Bombay University. 

In 1997, Lara participated and won the Gladrags and also the first Indian to make it to Miss Intercontinental pageant. Lara also contested for Miss India in 2000 and won the competition. She also won the Miss Universe crown for the second time for India in Cyprus and made history as she was the first contestant ever to score the highest score in Miss Universe pageant.

She made her film debut in 2003 with the film Andaaz which was a box office success and won her a Filmfare Best Female Debut Award. She then appeared in a number of films, some of which failed at the box office and some of which were mildly successful. Her box office "hits" include Masti (2004), Kaal (2005),No Entry (2005) and Partner (2007).

In 2006, she starred in the comedy, Bhagam Bhag which did well at the box office.

Dutta's first release of 2007 was Shaad Ali's Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. The film was a box office failure in India but did better overseas, especially in the U.K.She received mixed reviews for her performance in the film. Her latest release, Partner opened to a good response and became a hit.

Lara is considered to be one of the most sophisticated and intellect actresses in Bollywood.


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25, M, Uttar Pradesh:L...
35, M, Vadodara
brown sugar
28, F, Melbourne
24, F, Raipur
23, M, Chennai
37, M, Sonora
23, F, Flushing
katie ali
28, F, Bandar Seri Beg...

Comments (10)
Mahesh Wrote : 
I clothe u with warm sunshine and perfume the air with nature's
scents. My love for u is deeper than the ocean, and bigger then
the biggest need in ur hearts! Ask me!Talk with me!Please don't
forget me,I have so much to share with u! I won't hassle u any
further.It is UR decision.I have chosen u and I still

4 years ago
Mahesh Wrote : 
Dear Lara, how r u?I just had to send a note to tell u how much i
care about u.I saw u yesterday as u were talking with ur fri
ends.I waited all day hoping u would want to talk with me too.I
gave u a sunset to close ur day and a cool breeze to rest u - and
I waited.U naver came. It hurt me-but I still love u.because im
ur friend.I saw u sleeping last night and longed to touch ur brow
so i slilled moonlight upon ur face. Again i waited. wanting to
rush down so we could talk.I have so many gifts for u!U awoke and
rushed off to work.My tears were in the rain.If u would only
listen to me!I love u!I try to tell u in blue skies an in the
quiet green grass.I whisper it in leaves on the trees and breathe
it in colours of flowers shout it to u in mountain streams,give
the birds love songs to sing.

4 years ago
Katie ali Wrote : 
hi lara!im 1 of ur die hard fans...from Brunei Darussalam.
u know what? someday i hope i can meet u and im very DEMANDING
LARA DUTTA PLEZ COME TO BRUNEI, u gonna be suprised bcoz many
people in Brunei really like ur acting..

5 years ago
Priyanka Wrote : 
hi. ur r a successful women. and iam priyanka. i am 14 i dream to
be like u. and wishyou a great successful life. have a good life

6 years ago
Kyni Wrote : 
heyy u're kool!

6 years ago
Rayhan Wrote : 
hi, lara how are you? you know you are so sweet and
beautyful.happy new year.

6 years ago
Sneha Wrote : 
Hi lara

6 years ago
Kumar Wrote : 
very nice profile

6 years ago
Saurabh Wrote : 
Hi Lara, great snaps !

6 years ago
Abhesh Wrote : 
Welcome to Glad to be friends.

6 years ago

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