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  Lara Dutta : Profile Comment's 
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Comments ( 10 )
mahesh Wrote :
I clothe u with warm sunshine and perfume the air with nature's
scents. My love for u is deeper than the ocean, and bigger then
the biggest need in ur hearts! Ask me!Talk with me!Please don't
forget me,I have so much to share with u! I won't hassle u any
further.It is UR decision.I have chosen u and I still

Posted : 4 years ago
mahesh Wrote :
Dear Lara, how r u?I just had to send a note to tell u how much i
care about u.I saw u yesterday as u were talking with ur fri
ends.I waited all day hoping u would want to talk with me too.I
gave u a sunset to close ur day and a cool breeze to rest u - and
I waited.U naver came. It hurt me-but I still love u.because im
ur friend.I saw u sleeping last night and longed to touch ur brow
so i slilled moonlight upon ur face. Again i waited. wanting to
rush down so we could talk.I have so many gifts for u!U awoke and
rushed off to work.My tears were in the rain.If u would only
listen to me!I love u!I try to tell u in blue skies an in the
quiet green grass.I whisper it in leaves on the trees and breathe
it in colours of flowers shout it to u in mountain streams,give
the birds love songs to sing.

Posted : 4 years ago
katie ali Wrote :
hi lara!im 1 of ur die hard fans...from Brunei Darussalam.
u know what? someday i hope i can meet u and im very DEMANDING
LARA DUTTA PLEZ COME TO BRUNEI, u gonna be suprised bcoz many
people in Brunei really like ur acting..

Posted : 5 years ago
priyanka Wrote :
hi. ur r a successful women. and iam priyanka. i am 14 i dream to
be like u. and wishyou a great successful life. have a good life

Posted : 6 years ago
Kyni Wrote :
heyy u're kool!

Posted : 6 years ago
rayhan Wrote :
hi, lara how are you? you know you are so sweet and
beautyful.happy new year.

Posted : 6 years ago
Sneha Wrote :
Hi lara

Posted : 6 years ago
Kumar Wrote :
very nice profile

Posted : 6 years ago
Saurabh Wrote :
Hi Lara, great snaps !

Posted : 6 years ago
Abhesh Wrote :
Welcome to Glad to be friends.

Posted : 6 years ago
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